Treasure Chest

When spring arrives in the mountains, the bears emerge from their dens—all but one. The Great Bear thinks he is awake, but he is still dreaming. In a village below the mountains, a boy everyone calls Short Tail is concerned that no one has seen the Great Bear. Is he still sleeping? If he doesn't wake, he will starve. Short Tail climbs into the mountains to find the Great Bear and slips into a dream of his own, a magical dream in which he finds the Great One. In return for his thoughtfulness and respect, Short Tail is shown a marvelous secret, the bears' dance, to be shared with all of his people.

Awards and Honors for Beardream

Pick of the Lists, American Booksellers
Mountains and Plains Regional Book Award Finalist
Winner, Colorado Book Award (Colorado Center for the Book)

This is a companion book to Will's novels, Bearstone and Beardance.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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