Treasure Chest
Howling Hill

Hanni the wolf pup is playing happily with her family by the river when suddenly all that is familiar slips away from her: She is swept downstream clinging to a log, until her entire pack disappears from sight. Now, for the first time, Hanni must face perilous waters, roaring falls, and chilling winds alone. Once ashore, how will she ever find her way through the vast snowy landscape to return home again? With courage, persistence, and a little help from a bear who can't sleep, Hanni finds her way back, discovering along the way her voice within. This delightful adventure brings a touch of warmth to the cold, far north, where wolves sing pure and deep at the top of Howling Hill.

This is a companion book to Will's novel, Far North.

Howling Hill
Publisher: HarperCollins
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