Treasure Chest
Take Me to the River
Take Me to the River

U.S. National Park Service—Big Bend includes photo gallery, multimedia presentations, webcams, teachers’ section, history and culture, nature, and science

Big Bend Natural History Association features books, DVDs, and posters.

Southwest Paddler provides information on the Lower Canyons, including a description, map, and photos.

Terlingua Ghost Town is a truly unique place. Search for it on the internet and you’ll find several websites that provide photos and history.


Bullet Stage a press conference with Dylan and Rio upon their return to Terlingua after they get off the river. You could also act out interviewing Dylan and Rio for KYOTE radio, as in last chapter of the story.
Bullet Back in school in Asheville, North Carolina, Dylan might be asked to write an essay entitled “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.” Writing this essay would be a great way to do a story summary.
Bullet Have students write a description of Rio from Dylan’s point of view. How would Dylan describe Rio? Then try it the other way around.
Bullet Imagine that Rio receives a letter from Diego, who is back in Mexico with his family. Describe Diego’s feelings about his kidnapping and how he’s doing now that he’s back home.
Bullet Create an illustrated booklet, or a display, showing and telling about some of the wildlife in this story. Don’t forget about the small creatures, like Roxanne, the tarantula, scorpions in the sink, or the conenose bug featured in the chapter called “Kissed by an Assassin.” Also snakes, coyotes, and lots more.
Bullet Re-read the chapter entitled “The Wax Makers,” then do some research about the making of candelilla wax on the Texas/Mexico border. Kids could display their findings or make a presentation to the class.
Bullet Research the Sierra del Carmen range of Mexico, learn about the flora and fauna. Its high forests, black bears, etc., are a great example of vertical climate.
Bullet Art project: Try to picture the painted hubcaps that Ariel makes. Could you come up with a way to make those, with original art, using paper plates or some other material, instead of hubcaps?
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