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As you probably know, I'm a former reading and language arts teacher myself. It's been exciting for me these past years to see my novels being read and taught across the curriculum in schools around the country. Innovative teachers and librarians have been expanding the use of these books beyond their home base in language arts and integrating them into social studies, science, and art classes as well.

What I've put together here are some of my own suggestions for resource materials, most of which I used myself in writing these novels, as well as activity ideas I've picked up from schools. I hope this will be helpful to you.

Just click on any of the book titles on the right sidebar here. You will be able to read all about these resources and activities.

I’m no longer speaking at conferences or visiting schools, although I enjoyed doing these visits for many years.

An author video or DVD is now available, filmed inside and outside Will's home in Durango, Colorado. Go to this website and click on “Authors.”

Three author biographies about Will have also become available recently, and are easy to find through the online bookstores. All are good. The one by Hal Marcovitz has a lot of great color photos, which really adds to its reader appeal.

Will Hobbs (series: Who Wrote That?), written by Hal Marcovitz, published by Chelsea House, ISBN 0-7910-8657-7

Will Hobbs (series: Library of Author Biographies), written by Paula Johanson, published by Rosen Central, ISBN 1-4042-0469-5

My Favorite Writer: Will Hobbs, written by Megan Lappi, published by Weigl Publishers, Inc., ISBN 1-59036-488-0

You might also want to find Something About the Author, Volume 127, for an autobiographical piece Will did for Gale Group.

For younger students, Megan Lappi's shorter bio is rich with photos and is very reader-friendly.

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the Five Senses
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Never Say Die
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